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Imagination Station

2010: Imagination StationPosted by Simon Wells Tue, January 25, 2011 09:02:54

Last year's project in a nutshell (pdf)

Model Making Morning

All about our CP ProjectPosted by Simon Wells Wed, January 19, 2011 19:16:39

Because we will be animating Sunny, the Meerkat from the book we are reading, we need to practise using modelling clay. Today we made snails and then had a go at making a short animation of a snail race:

Video link: http://dramateaching.com/snail.wmv (windows media player)

( windows media player)

A postcard from Sunny

All about our CP ProjectPosted by Simon Wells Thu, January 06, 2011 16:19:39

We have recieved a postcard from 'Sunny', the Meerkat from Emily Gravett's book, 'Meerkat Mail'. We will be replying to him and asking him some questions.

Meercats, Drama and animation

All about our CP ProjectPosted by Simon Wells Mon, November 22, 2010 16:35:44

This is where we will celebrate and share our exciting Creative Partnership project. We will be using Drama, film-making and animation! On the 5th January 2011 we will be visiting Meerkats on a school trip. We hope to then make a film about Meerkats using live film and animation. We would also like our parents to be involved too!

Our visit to the tropical Butterfly House was exciting (although wet and windy), and we saw lots of different animals including Meerkats. Parents also shared our day.

This is what some of the children and parents said after seeing the Meerkats:

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