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Plea to the UN

Mantle of the ExpertPosted by Simon Wells Mon, January 24, 2011 19:45:26

The 'Fast Response Team' (Year 3) have had to stop re-building the flooded Amazonian village due to lack of resources. They make a reasoned, emphatic plea to the UN so that they can continue their good work (mp3 audio.)

note: As teachers we are often pre-occupied with making sure children have all the resources they need to hand. The speech above was provoked through frustration. We inspired problem-solving by not giving them enough resources. We gave the children some 'building materials', but not enough. When they ran out they got frustrated and upset. They questioned us as teachers/practitioners but we didn't give them any help/solutions. We kept silent and allowed them to get frustrated enough to problem solve with each other. This led them to write the speech above with clear purpose and context.

Here is a transcript of the pupils' speech as a word document: