Aspects of Narrative & A2

Aspects of Narrative & A2

Guide to Romanticism (AO4)

Rime of the ancient marinerPosted by Jacob Haddad Wed, February 19, 2014 16:07:04

Here is a Guide explaining in more depth some of the key aspects and background of the kind of Romanticism which provides context for Coleridge's poetry. I've just written this up after the lesson today; it fills in some of the ideas I didn't have time to cover in-depth when I spoke about it briefly this morning.

I hope it proves useful (there are some suggestions of documentaries that you can watch on youtube for further research).


Thank you, Jacob. Indeed, which is why Coleridge is Self-consciously reworking an ancient literary form, adding authenticity to the tale, or making it seem timeless like a legend or folk-tale (also narratives which have traditionally been passed on through history in oral ways) as a backlash to the industrial revolution.

And the supernatural/natural world is a reaction to thinkers like Nietzsche (God is dead) and Romanticism. Your document is very useful. Picking out about 5 points that you can remember and weave two or three into Section A, question 2 would be excellent.

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The Threshold Setting notes

Rime of the ancient marinerPosted by Jacob Haddad Wed, January 08, 2014 11:16:34
Jacob and Joe's notes on The Threshold as a setting and a theme. (Download as a word document).

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